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Mike Lewis

MLA Re-usable Face Mask 10pc

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Re-usable Face Mask 10pc

Quantity: 10 pc

Material (outer to inner):
1st Ply - Outer Non wovens
2nd Ply - Melt Blown Cloth
3rd Ply - Hot Air Cotton
4th Ply - Inner Non-woven fabric
5th Ply - Inner Non-woven fabric

Way of wearing:
1. Hold the ear loops with nose clip upwards
2. Wear the respirator at jaw
3. Fix ear loops and adjust to a comfortable way
4. Tap gently at center of nose clip and adjust it to well fit your nose
5. Re-check and make sure your face is fully covered by respirator

Cautions and maintenances:
1. The respirtor cone face mask is not allowed to wear/use and cannot protect you under circumstance of: temperature above 50 degrees, oxygen content less than 19.5%, expose to toxic gases ( this is NOT a replacement of gas mask)
2. This product is only suitable for non-oil aerosols respiratory protection.
3. Respiratory resistance exists when wearing this face mask. Children, pregnant women and elder people are NOT recommended to use.
4. Storage: suggest to keep indoor circumstance with humidity <80% no corrosive gas and good ventilation

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