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Voesh Nailbar Safety Screen

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Voesh Safety Screen

- Reduces nail technicians exposure to health hazards
- Offers reassurance for customers and inspires confidence in the business
- Easy to install on any nail station - no tools required
- Acrylic Screen
- Will also work on reception counters

- 30" wide by 23.5"
- The cut out is 20" wide and 7" high

Removing the polythene film
- The screens come with a polythene film which needs removing prior to use.
- Where the edges are polished is often a good place to start.
- If there is any difficulties removing it a small piece of rubber is often useful for starting it off.
- After stripping there may be small areas where the white polythene still shows.
- A soft cotton rag with warm soapy water , rubbed along the edges very carefully often removes this.

Cleaning Guidelines
- Any aggressive chemicals near the edges can cause it to craze ( small shiny lines appear which can get worse over time).
- Any splashes from nail salon chemicals should be wiped away instantly with a soapy water cloth ( it is a good idea to have this available permanently).
- After use it is a good idea to wipe the whole board with warm soapy water and leave to drain.
- A dishwasher can be used on a prewash without any rinse aid and using standard detergent.
- Any dried smears can be very carefully rubbed with a soft cloth or tissue paper ( toilet roll )

Whilst pure alcohol based cleaners can be used on acrylic it should be kept to a minimum and not close to the edges and particularly not near the slots which connect them together.
We would advise against this practise if possible.

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