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Salt Scrub Lemon Sherbert 5kg

Lemon Sherbert Salt Scrub 5kg

A build-up of dead skin cells causes a rough, dull, aged appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful glowing skin, as well as many other benefits. Rubbing your skin with a quality salt scrub allows the texture of the salt scrub to exfoliate and refine the skin leaving it clean and refreshed, and rubbing away any dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull. The fine salt grains cleanse pores unlike any soap or cleanser can, allowing your skin to breathe easier. The main benefits of using a good quality salt skin scrub includes:

• Exfoliating cleans the skin better than soaps and cleanser
• Removing dull dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin
• Thoroughly cleaning skin pores, allowing your skin to breathe
• Stimulating blood circulation and removing daily toxins from your skin
• Helping to regenerate new skin, which keeps your skin looking younger
• Strengthening and firming skin tissue

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